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Rasmus Lee

Rasmus Lee

Premier Real Estate


Rasmus 'Ray' Lee is the Broker & Office Manager of Premier Real Estate, and is the Top performer in highest sales and highest listing transactions year after year. Ray Lee represents the real american dream. a Danish immigrant and former professional musician, had the luxury of truly experiencing the urban community having lived in bustling cities such as New York and Los Angeles for over half his life. An investor in South Park of Downtown LA himself, Ray can relate to the needs and caliber of the South Park residents and putting them in a class all in their own. Ray understands the need to constantly market and expose your product, especially in a pioneering community such as Downtown LA. As the Broker and Office Manager of Premier Real Estate, Ray’s primary responsibility is setting company guidelines and supervising all agents in the company and office, as well as building the client base through strategic alliances and creative grass roots marketing. His aggressive marketing strategy and media outreach has increased the revenue over the course of two years by 200%.

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